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Newquay Activity Centre

Discover Adventure at Newquay Activity Centre: Your Perfect Day Out


Nestled on the stunning Cornish coastline, Newquay Activity Centre is your gateway to a world of adventure, excitement, and natural beauty. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker, a water enthusiast, or simply looking for a unique day out with family and friends, this vibrant activity hub promises an unforgettable experience. 


Simply visit their website to book your sessions, check availability, and find out more about what each activity entails.

Let’s dive into the myriad of activities that await you at Newquay Activity Centre and explore why it makes for an exceptional day out.


Newquay Activity Centre
Newquay Activity Centre
Newquay Activity Centre



Learn to surf with the Newquay Activity Centre Surf School. Whether you just want to try the sport for the first time, improve quickly on what you already know, or introduce your family to the perfect activity for all; they have a lesson for everyone!


Explore the wild coast of Cornwall and its unique craggy cliffs like you’ve never done before.  Join one of their coasteering Cornwall adventures and experience a buzz like no other as you clamber through old smugglers’ caves, spot incredible marine life, negotiate natural rapids and whirlpools before attempting adrenaline-fuelled sea cliff jumps.


Discover the delight of their stand up paddleboarding adventures in Newquay with their world-class instructors and experience the thrill for yourself, along Newquay’s history-rich coastline.


The focus of their kayak tours is on exploring the coast from this unique perspective and moving at your own speed under the guidance of their experienced, qualified and outgoing instructors.


Not only is it super fun, but you’re guaranteed to catch a wave within the first ten minutes of your lesson! They coach all standards from complete novice to top level competitor and everyone in between, using only top-quality kit.

Super SUP

Their giant sized inflatable stand up paddle board …oh yes, you read that correctly, and it’s even more fun than it sounds! Recently referred to as “Stand Up Paddle Boarding on steroids” by one ecstatic customer on returning to shore.

Why Newquay Activity Centre is Perfect for a Day Out

1. Variety of Activities: Whether you prefer high-octane adventures or more relaxed experiences, there’s something for everyone.

2. Stunning Location: Located on the picturesque Cornish coast, the centre offers breathtaking views and easy access to some of the UK’s best beaches.

3. Expert Guidance: With professional instructors and guides, you can enjoy your activities safely and confidently, knowing you’re in good hands.

4. Family-Friendly: Many activities are suitable for children and families, making it an ideal destination for a fun-filled day out together.

5. Memorable Experiences: The combination of thrilling activities and the natural beauty of Newquay ensures that your visit will be unforgettable.


Plan Your Visit

Newquay Activity Centre is open year-round, offering seasonal variations in activities to suit the weather and conditions. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, it’s easy to plan your perfect day out. Simply visit their website to book your sessions, check availability, and find out more about what each activity entails.

Embark on an adventure that promises fun, excitement, and a deep connection with the stunning Cornish coast. Newquay Activity Centre is waiting to welcome you to an unforgettable day of discovery and adventure.

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