If you love to travel with your tourer or if you’re a newbie to outdoor adventure then here are our 5 top tips for the best touring and camping holidays in Cornwall.

Cornwall is a great place to head to for touring and camping, with its beautiful beaches, gorgeous coastlines and picturesque countryside. The perfect place to experience the great outdoors!

1. Picking the right holiday destination

If you’re travelling with children, then you’ll appreciate that if they are happy, you are happy.
So if you’re camping or touring with your children, it’s best to stay on a site that either has activities that your family can enjoy, or one that has attractions nearby. This way, there’ll be much less pressure on you to keep your kids entertained the entire time you’re away.

Touring caravan sites in Cornwall have a lot to offer. As a holiday destination, Cornwall and in particular, Porth Beach Holiday Park, can really tick all the boxes – from the family friendly beaches to lots of fun attractions near Newquay.

2. The Checklist

As you get older, you do (somewhat sadly) begin to appreciate that life is easier with a checklist. There is a lot to remember when you are heading off on your family holiday to Cornwall, whether you have a touring caravan or a tent.

Create and save a checklist on your computer and then print it out and tick off each item every time you leave for your holiday. It will save you those moments of stony silence when the other half blames you for forgetting the awning pegs…

If you’re brand new to touring then try and fit in a weekend away before any longer trips to make sure everything is running as expected, especially if you have new equipment.

By the way, going touring or camping does not mean roughing it these days. Pack your designer wash bag, a fluffy towel and your luxury soaps if you’re heading to Porth, which has some fab facilities.

3. The ‘tent-peggers’ guide to setting up at your caravan / camping site

It’s best to try and arrive in the daytime if you are touring or camping. If you’re camping or setting up an awning, always check the ground for large stones, old tent pegs and sharp objects before setting up. You don’t want these digging into you whilst trying to get your beauty sleep.

Don’t rush to put your tent up. Get everyone in the family involved, including the kids, and make it part of your holiday. If you do experience a bit of bad weather during your touring holiday then you’ll appreciate having taken the time to ensure your tent or touring awning is solid!

Extra tent pegs are always handy – the ones supplied with you tent may not be the best – so think about buying some heavy duty ones to replace them. A rubber mallet is also useful for banging them in and, if you have space in the car, you can now get peg sets with a removal tool that twists pegs out easily.

4. Making the most of your touring holiday in Cornwall

Plan activities to keep you all happy – maybe allow each member of the family to pick their own activity day. Have a rainy day back up (Newquay Zoo or Pirate’s Quest) but also remember that one of the best free activities in Cornwall is the beach and with Porth Beach located just 150 yards away, it’s the perfect way to relax and have fun.

5. The return home

It’s a great concept to get the kids actively involved with setting up on holiday but we’d probably advise the opposite when packing up! Send the kids on a scavenger hunt or to the shop to get supplies for the return journey home (if they are old enough of course) and allow yourself to pack away without the stress of the young ones under your feet.

It’s tempting just to flop when you return home, especially if you’ve had a bit of a drive, but ensuring your touring van or tent is clean and ready for it’s next outing is a big bonus.

Thinking of touring or camping in Cornwall? Porth Beach has a variety of pitches suitable for tents, touring caravans, motorhomes, campervans and trailer tents.